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HyperGram is the latest evolvement in holographic technology, lightyears ahead of anything in the field that has been created before. Holograms have traditionally only existed in sci-fi movies, are jittery, poor picture quality and only work in the dark. HyperGram allows ultra-HD 4K picture quality holographic projections, that work in any light format and can be scaled up and down to any size required. The platform allows us to deliver brands to consumers in the most innovative way possible, floating in mid-air, without screens or glass in a gigantic holographic format. On top of this, HyperGram does not require anything other than the human naked eye in order to be able to interact with the technology.

HyperTouch is a platform that allows seamless app-free Augmented Reality experiences, directly into the hands of targeted consumers. For the first time ever, we are able to deliver barrier-free AR that is accessible to anyone with a smartphone. We are able to deliver these experiences to specific demographics, in exact locations and allow them to experience brands in whichever environment they are in. We then follow these bespoke experiences with a unique CTA, delivering these consumers to brands’ websites/ social media platforms/ e-retailer e-commerce platforms of choice.